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とらのあなクリエイター Prime Hour

About ToranoanaCreator PrimeHour

Today we would like to announce you with a special online very limited shopping campaign called "ToranoanaCreator PrimeHour". We will introduce our beloved world-known creator's limited illustration exhibition items just for you.

■ For customers who were unable to purchase due to our server error on December 25th

This time we have three fettish illustators' tingles your natural instinct. For anyone who couldn't attend of their exihibitions, this will be the best moment for you to acquire the limited goods of "Tony", "Yom", and "40hara"!

This time we also have their very limited premium items online.
Enjoy 8 hours of your epic moment at Toranoana!

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Creators information


An illustrator & character designer with widely active in commercial, and self publish. Has produced numerous characters including more than 150 types of figurated characters.


I'd be happy if you get this opportunity and this will be a nice present for everyone.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tony_t2artworks

An illustrator. One mainly creating commercial/self-publish works of fettish illustrations of girls with tights.


Personally I'm filled with the desire to open my exhibition in every single towns in the whole world by encouraging the goodness of tights, but I cannot afford to do anything like that, so I wish someone who could not manage to purchase the goods before, will have the chance to get it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/y_o_m_y_o_m

In active mainly on the net. Featuring illustrations of ordinally days and vivid colors. Recently planning of "I want you to show me your panties with your unpleasantly look" on Twitter is gaining popularity, and about to become the person-of-panties. Being active with dojin activities, and currently widens the range of activities in various genres, mainly in books and character designs. Representative work "I want you to show me your panties with your unpleasantly look", and application of "JCnews".


I would be pleased if this special online shopping brings "Iyapan(I want you to show me your panties with your unpleasantly look)" goods for anyone who lacks panties.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/40hara

Products information


Illustration exhibition venue limited goods
Illustration exhibition venue limited goods

Time limited sales of original goods to be sold at the venue of illustration exhibiton. Pleasure to share your lifetime moments with your favorite works. Those goods will provide you a reliable moisture anytime.

*Please forgive us when to sold out because it is rare limited production items.

Manufacturing goods after ordering

Dimming LED Panel
Dimming LED panel

Unlike the conventional framing illustration, by holding the backlight film over the frame-shaped panel with the built-in LED, now we are able to enjoy colors and luster of inserting/extracting light. By combining digital with analog, we propose you an unprecedented viewing method of paintings. Considering the indoor environment, attaching the remote control with the dimming function for enjoying with the light amount of your choice.
* Backlight film is sold separately

Multi-color illuminated LED panel
Multi-color illuminated LED panel

From the idea of customizing the picture frame, you can freely paint the frame of the LED panel with your mood at that time. We propose the fun of choosing the favorite picture frame from the digital viewpoint for your favorite painted works. The LED consists of two sides; one for a multi-color frame, and another for the rear side that illuminates the whole work. In addition to selecting the color with the remote control with the dimming function, you can enjoy it by mode selection changing to 7 colors.
* There is no dimming function on the rear part
* Backlight film is sold separately

Backlight film (Illuminated PET film)
Backlight film (Illuminated PET film)

We made special orders for PrimeHour this time. Ordering to the company working on the output work of top creators in the design and art world, with a high evaluation in various fields such as winning the Grand Prix in the national catalog/poster exhibition, One by one, correspondence by using know-how of technology accumulated for 40 years in delicate color expression. The luminescence of the LED beautifully colors the illustrations blown on the film.
* Frame panel is sold separately

A3 sized frame clip illustration
A3 sized frame clip illustration

High quality replication illustration only to be sold at the illustration exhibition venue, is now available online with this limited sale. We will deliver the same repulicated framed illustration of the exhibition. It is a high quality duplication illustration created as an art work with a printing company boasting a history of over 50 years. The quality is to grasp the characteristics of the paper and the intention of the author, to correct the optimum data, test verification, depending on the professional of the printing engineer such as output control utilizing original profile, It is realized by original work unique to a printing company that is not in the usual output service. By all means, customers who missed the order at the venue should consider this opportunity.
* Some white blurs in the sample pictures are removed from the purchiesed product

Special manufacturing goods after ordering

A3 sized frame clip illustration. Creator autograph, autographed lot number, with message paper. Limited numbers of first-come, first served basis.